Growth means responsibility!

For this reason, we have decided to significantly shorten our supply chain and take the associated processes into our own hands.

We have set ourselves the goal of packing our instruments of the ClinaStar brand as well as the private label brands Medimex and Clinical in our own cleanroom on the newly acquired company premises by mid-2022.

The benefits speak for themselves. We want to improve not only the delivery capacity but also the quality of our instruments, we also want to avoid passing on constantly increasing costs in the area of ​​transport and quality management to you as our customer.

Another advantage is that we have the packaging process in-house and can therefore react more quickly and flexibly to special orders.

We would like to take the chance and take you on our journey. From now on you will get an insight into the progress of the construction of our own new cleanroom.

As a team at Entrhal Medical GmbH, we have already laid the first cornerstone for the innovations and celebrated them appropriately. (Corona-compliant, of course)

MedZense IQM Platform


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