As one of the leading manufacturers of sealing devices, light cable testers and insulation testing devices, it is our aim to always maintain the quality of our devices through our professional service. We therefore offer our customers professional maintenance of their devices, including the associated regular calibration of process-relevant parameters.


The maintenance of our devices includes the replacement of all parts subject to wear. A visual inspection and a function test are also carried out. With our sealing devices, the sealing parameters temperature, contact pressure and throughput speed are measured and calibrated. These are important prerequisites for carrying out the complete initial validation as well as the annual renewed performance assessment. With our new SerVa-Box system, maintenance and calibration can even be carried out on site by your in-house technician in the shortest possible time.

From the first contact to the completed validation report, which we are happy to provide digitally on request, we are at your side and will be happy to handle this process for you.


The implementation and documentation of the validation or revalidation preparation is based on the guideline for the validation of the packaging processes DIN EN ISO 11607-2: 2020 of the DGSV.

The preparation for validation takes place following maintenance in the factory and is completed after the inspection of the sterilized sealing seams sent by the customer with the completed validation report, which we can also provide digitally on request.